Our commitment to sustainable farming reaches far beyond our own acreage. We work with local communities and our fellow farmers through the creation of new markets, outreach and donation. We are dedicated to the formation of a true local food system that embraces and encourages farmers to continue producing high-quality, sustainably grown food in Central Ohio.

Farmers' Markets

In 2009, our leadership in the community extended to the management and organization of farmers’ markets. With city leaders, business owners and residents in Dublin, Ohio, Wayward Seed Farm took the lead in facilitating the city’s first weekly farmers’ market. Based on the success of Dublin Farmers' Market, Wayward Seed Farm co-founded the Bexley Farmers' Market in 2011.

We are quickly becoming recognized as leaders in the farming community and are participating in panel discussions alongside community leaders, organizing farmers’ events such as CSA open houses; educating students in Columbus, Ohio on the experience of cultivating and enjoying fresh foods; and networking with fellow farmers to discuss methods and techniques.

Food System

We intend to expand our community leadership by working to fill sizable gaps in our local food system.  In 2010, we were awarded a grant by the Wallace Center’s Healthy Urban Food Enterprise Development Center to explore the feasibility of a farmers' cooperative center in Madison County.